In the night of 12 to 13 March, the Silent Procession was held for the 91st time in honour of the Miracle of Amsterdam.
The theme was "Jesus - the face of God's mercy - grace bread for you."

The bus left Tilburg for Amsterdam at 5 pm. There were 50 believers who made the pilgrimage trip from Tilburg. During the outward journey, chairman Jan Pijnenburg welcomed everyone and wished everyone a lot of devotion. Thereafter, Father Pastor told the story about the Miracle of Amsterdam. Subsequently, the rosary was prayed (with everyone still in the bus).

We arrived a little too late at the  Church of Our Lady "Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk" which is located on the Amsterdam Keizersgracht. Pastor Schilder dedicated the mass in the Tridentine rite. Ján Janovčík and his schola have embellished the mass with Gregorian chants. Following the Eucharistic celebration, solemn praise was celebrated. Then we had an hour of coffee pause in a church hall. We started walking at around 22.30. Everyone was able to pray in silence and consider the Miracle of Amsterdam to themselves. Tired afterwards we turned back home (ie towards Tilburg), where we arrived after 1.00 am.

Via the archive, you can also view the folders and programmes from previous years.